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  • Winches
  • Bow Thrusters
  • Ventilation
  • Pumps
  • Compressors

Save Energy, Save Fuel, Cut CO2 Emissions

Energy efficiency is the single most important factor in reducing CO2 emissions. Optidrive variable speed drives from Invertek Drives can cut the energy consumption of fans, pumps and compressors found on marine vessels by as much as 60%.

Marine Applications
Optidrive P2 Marine Drives

Variable Speed Drives for Marine Applications

Optidrive delivers reliability, high performance and efficiency in a compact, easy to use unit made for marine environments. Optidrive includes IP55 and IP66 enclosure ratings, conformal coating and is designed to operate trouble-free in the 50°C temperatures frequently found in environments such as vessel engine rooms.

  • Global Marine Accreditation

    DNV accreditation for total peace of mind. DNV is an independent globally renowned foundation with the objective of safeguarding life, property and the environment.

  • Full Load at Ambient Temperature up to 50°C

    Ideal for vessel engine rooms with no need for air conditioning.

  • Conformal Coating Option

    Provides additional protection of the PCB against moisture and dust.

  • RFI Filter Ensures Compatibility with IT Grids

    RFI filter ensures suitability for IT grids with no interference with ship systems.

  • Advanced Motor Control

    200% torque from zero speed.

Rugged, robust drives designed for marine vessels

  • Robust Design

    Ball bearing fans for long service life.

  • Low Harmonic Performance

    All variable speed drives can introduce harmonic currents to the onboard grid which can affect the performance of generators if not controlled. Optidrive maintains THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) below 30%, which means very low disturbance of the power supply without the need for costly external line chokes.

  • Ease of Use

    Flexible integration and fast commissioning.

  • Easy Integration with Vessel Systems

    Flexible communication options.

  • Saving Energy / Reducing CO2

    With large scale increases in global energy costs and the introduction of taxes and legislation relating to the industrial production of CO2 gases, the need to reduce energy consumption and save money has never been greater. Optidrive can reduce energy consumption by up to 60% on critical applications on marine vessels.

  • Easy Installation

    Compact and modern design utilising the latest available technology has resulted in robust drives with small dimensions and innovative mounting and cabling features.

  • Simple and Rapid Commissioning

    14 parameter basic setup; default settings suitable for most applications and contactor style connection for simple wiring.

Global Support

We know through experience that we need to be near to our customers at the main marine hubs and seaports around the world. This is critical to our ability to react quickly to our customers, whether it is for service, training, troubleshooting or application support.

This expert local service is delivered through an integrated sales and service network in over 80 countries that has been built to reflect the global nature of the marine industry.

Global Support
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